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Welcome to Heaths, a traditional family run 

farm shop and nursery in the heart of England.

We are dedicated to growing fresh, delicious and high quality vegetables in Melbourne, Derbyshire and have been for over 100 years. Our experience means we can provide the best tasting vegetables with character and flavour. We also run a small nursery with a variety of plants, shrubs and garden sundries throughout the year.

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To subscribe to our fresh, delicious, weekly 

veg boxes:

Please click on the Veg Boxes link above.

Please note specific items cannot be requested in the veg boxes.

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Delivery area

We currently deliver to Melbourne, King's Newton, Ticknall and Wilson. We deliver every Tuesday and Friday. Orders placed within 36 hours of selected delivery date are unlikely to be processed until the following week.  For more information call our Farm Shop from Wednesday - Monday 9am - 5pm: 01332 862645. 

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